The Cutest (and Creepiest) College Mascots [GALLERY]

College mascots have always been the most identifiable symbol of school spirit, so it makes a lot of sense to choose wisely.  I mean, do you really want to be walking around with an ugly/creepy/unoriginal mascot emblazoned across the front of your overpriced college sweatshirt?

I don’t.
And luckily, I don’t have to. Drexel’s dragon is fierce.

But that’s not the same story for all schools. While some schools got it juuuuust right when choosing their mascot, others, despite their importance as the most iconic and recognizable image relating to a school, really screwed the pooch. Who chose wisely and who missed the mark?

Let’s take a look at the cutest and creepiest college mascots:

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Budget Stylista: Rock the LRD [GALLERY]
Budget Stylista: Rock the LRD [GALLERY]
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