Surviving Senior Year: Senioritis

There’s a week and a half left of classes.

I have three finals, two papers, and one draft of my senior thesis keeping me from my winter break. Not a walk in the park, but also not an all time high as far finals week frenzies go.  But yet, here I sit, far too enamored in this week’s episode of What Not to Wear to even think about getting any of this work done.

This is not stuff worth procrastinating. It requires no freak outs, no massive amounts of brain power. These papers are not worth the all-nighters they will result in if I leave the researching and the writing until the last minute. They are not worth the caffeine induced frenzy I will face the morning after just to get through classes. I should focus, and buckle down, and power through so that I can be done with it. But yet, here I sit, watching Stacy London argue for wedges over flip flops.

It’s time to face the facts: I have senioritis.

I remember the symptoms from the last trimester of senior year in high school. Lack of motivation. An unwillingness to go to class. The desire to sleep through every single one of my professor’s well intentioned lectures. Reading for classes is a nuisance. Getting up in time for class is a struggle. I have no desire to accomplish anything ever…

Okay, so maybe most of those symptoms aren’t exactly restricted to senioritis.  But right now, they’re amplified. Procrastination is a part of every student’s life, but lately I’ve made it into an art form. I know that I should do these papers, go to class, finish out the semester, graduate, but right now I’m just having trouble seeing the point of it all.  Because frankly, I really, really don’t want to. With graduation comes responsibility, real life, a weekend that doesn’t include Friday’s off, and days that don’t include time slots for naps and Facebook stalking. So I should embrace the chance to be irresponsible while I can, right?


I mean, I am a senior. Shouldn’t I be exempt from all of this? Shouldn’t I be guaranteed good grades and allowed to sleep in because I won’t be able to for much longer? Shouldn’t I be rewarded for making it through the past three years alive?

I wish.

But no. As nice as that would be (a girl can dream, can’t she?) that’s not exactly how it works. I still need to finish out the semester.  And even then I’m not exactly done. I still have to go back in January and take classes. Again. I still need to finish my thesis. And my major. And that means one more semester of papers and professors and procrastination.

So I need to figure out a way to focus. I need to not end up cleaning my keyboard or Windexing my computer screen every time I start to type. I need to figure out how I end up reading celebrity gossip every time I turn on my laptop. Yesterday, I sat down to type out an outline for my senior thesis and ended up on looking at shoes I cannot afford. And that was after I spent an hour sifting through Facebook photos from years past. But not before complaining via text about the fact that I even had to write the paper at all.

I just need to focus. Sign out of Facebook. Shut the television. Put my phone on silent.  Concentrate. I can do this. Because I need to. I need to kick this habit. And I need to kick it now.

In fact I think I’ll go start researching for that paper.

Oh wait…is that a Gossip Girl rerun?

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