We’ve All Been There: After-Thanksgiving Stress

In order to maximize your Thanksgiving break, you took the last flight back to campus. You lugged your oh-my-god-why-is-this-so-heavy luggage – now overflowing with clean laundry, Black Friday goodies and Gladwear filled with leftovers – from the airport to your house/apartment/dorm room. When you arrive – way past your usual Sunday night bedtime – you’re greeted by your roommate. You haven’t seen each other in what seems like ages, so you squeal, drop your stuff by the door and hug it out.

“HIIIII! How was your break!?” She shrieks as you plop down on the futon. “I missed yooooou!”

Excitedly you tell her about your run-in with your high school boyfriend (awk), Thanksgiving dinner when you got a little too tipsy and spilled cranberry sauce on Anal Aunt Susie’s white carpet (awk) and the insane shopping spree you went on with your mom (awesome). Midway through the rundown of all the deals you scored at Nordstrom (including all the things your mom bought you for Christmas/Hanukkah but won’t actually give you until she wraps them), you jump up, realizing it would be so much better to show her everything.

As you unzip your suitcase, you smell the pumpkin bread wafting from its Ziploc baggie on the top of your suitcase so you bust it out. Before you know it, it’s after midnight and you and your roommate are chowing down on leftovers while doing a fashion show of all your newest threads.

“Oh my god,” she mumbles through a mouthful of brownie. “I am so borrowing those boots!”

Eventually, you’re in your fourth food coma of the weekend, it’s nearing the middle of the night and decide to pack up what’s left of the leftovers (read: the steamed green beans your mother made you talk) and go to sleep.

You put on some PJs, wash up, then climb into bed. “It feels good to be back,” you think to yourself as you stare up at the ceiling, relaxed and comfortably full. Then you start planning out your new outfits for classes this week.


You didn’t do any of your reading for tomorrow’s lecture. And, oh no, you totally forgot about that 3-page book review you have due on Wednesday. And don’t you have 3 back-t0-back student group meetings tomorrow night? And all those internship applications – those have to be in by Friday! And finals are only 2 weeks away and you’re at least a month behind on all that history reading. Oh god – when are you supposed to go to the gym and work off all that pumpkin bread? Or figure out your schedule for next semester?!

You toss and turn, unable to fall asleep. All of that holiday break relaxation? Gone faster than mom’s famous brownies.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than the Monday after a long, glorious, holiday weekend. Nothing.

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