It’s Time to Amp Up Your Sexual Resume

I think too much.  And when it comes to turning over the sheets, my mind goes into over-drive.  In fact, I have been known to ruin an entire sexual experience by thinking too much about the position I’m in – my physical movements, how big my thighs look, trying to read his thoughts like an Edward Cullen girl hybrid.

I’ve been looking for a cure for my problem for months.  Why can’t I just relax, sit back, and enjoy? What can I possibly do to block the free-flowing thoughts and get into the moment?  I know there is nothing emotionally wrong with me; I’m a normal girl and just like every other girl out there, my mind is riddled with thoughts.  Mine just happen to reproduce like a cluster of horny bunny rabbits whenever I get nakie and start doing the nasty.

Luckily, there is always a solution to my problems!  And this time, altering my mind may have a little something to do in altering my position.

A little back story:
While hiding from the Black Friday crowds in an empty bookstore last week, a certain title caught my eye. And that title was “Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget.” I ducked down in the aisle and began flipping through, intrigued by the yoga-turned-sex moves I discovered. That night, fueled by some leftover wine, my boyfriend and I tried one out. And it was a night neither of us will soon forget.

Since then, we’ve been toying around with many fun and interesting new sex positions (which I’m sure will be even more fun when we’re no longer crashing in my parents’ basement) and I have to say, my sex life will never be the same. If you’re like me and tend to stick with the more traditional approach to sex (“I lie, you do all the work”), take it from me: it’s time to crack a book and get a little more adventurous between the sheets.

Why? I’m glad you asked.

It Brings You Closer Together
Because we were both nervous to try out a rather complicated new position, it was rather awkward for both of us.  Especially when I accidentally kicked him in the groin when my foot cramped up and he hit his head on the wall. But we fell into buckets of laughter together. Once that was out of the way, we were both free of any insecurities and I was free of the intrusive thoughts that usually get in the way of actually enjoying the moment.   It was embarrassing at first, of course, but we were both vulnerable and we worked together to accomplish something intimate and exciting. The barrier was broken and eye contact, free thoughts and comfort were welcomed with open legs arms.

It makes a long term relationship exciting again
Let’s be honest: when you’re in a long term relationship, sex can become boring and can even feel like a chore sometimes. But adding something new and different gives you something to look forward to and makes sex lively and fun again.

It’s a fun couple challenge
Beyond spicing your love life up, it’s fun to challenge yourself as a couple and try to master a brand new craft. Together, you can go above and beyond and take sexy time to the next level.  I’m always more satisfied when I feel like I’ve accomplished something and when you accomplish something as a team, more power to you.

It burns more calories
There’s no way lying there in the missionary position does much in the calorie burning department.

It makes sex more enjoyable
Since you’re out trying new things, chances are you will find a position that you like even better than all that stuff you’re used to.  Imagine that!

Like En Vogue once sang, it’s time to ‘free your mind.’  And I’m willing to believe switching up sexy positions will help you let go.  For me, it was easy to release some nervous energy with my partner, experience new things together, get a workout, spice it up, all the while enjoying a pleasurable, extravagant experience.  That’s better recognition than getting an apple sticker on my 5th grade spelling test.

So, get out there!  Crack open Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget and try some new positions.

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