Princess Life vs. College Life: Who Has It Better?

When the news of Prince William’s engagement to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton hit the Internet several weeks ago, hearts all over the world broke in two. Women’s dreams of becoming the newest member of the Royal Family were shattered in an instant. It’s undeniable that Kate’s life will soon be transformed; she’ll suddenly enjoy the glamorous and luxurious life of a Blue Blood– a way of life that is envied by any female that has ever watched a Disney princess movie.

Yet, there have to be some downsides. There must be some aspects of “normal” life that she will miss. Perhaps the Royal Life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Frankly, I adore being a college student. And, I’m not so sure I would be able to sacrifice the awesomeness of my current lifestyle to become the prim and proper Princess of Wales.

In order to sort it all out (and make myself feel a little better about my dream husband taking someone else as his wife), I thought I’d do a little comparing and contrasting. Who really has it better – Princess Kate or little ol’ me?

Social Life

Princess: Formal Balls and Galas

College: Frat Parties and Dollar Pitcher Nights

Point: Princess
Black tie dresses and hobnobbing with the Queen beats a jungle juice hangover any day.


Princess: Norfolk shrimps, lamb or locally-shot game

College: Mozzarella Sticks, Pizza, Cheese fries

Point: College.
If you can’t dip it in Ranch dressing, I don’t want it.

Daytime Wardrobe

Princess: Fitted dresses or blouses, diamonds, and hair properly blown-out (by her personal stylist, of course)

College: Sweats and a ponytail

Point: College.
The Royal Jewels would be nice, but not nearly as nice as elastic waist pants for a day full of classes.


Princess: Prince William

College: 5 girls and 2 mice

Point: Princess
It’s Prince Freaking William!


Princess: Polo and Hunting

College: Tailgating before football and basketball games

Point: College
Hm…shooting animals or doing a beer bong? College FTW.

Travel Accommodations

Princess: The Royal Squadron

College: The Chinatown Bus

Point: Princess
I bet the Royal Squadron doesn’t smell like feet.


Princess: Bruce Oldfield’s Design Studio

College: Sale Racks of Urban Outfitters

Point: Princess

Dance Moves

Princess: The Waltz

College: The Dougie

Point: College
Double duh.

Personal Life

Princess: Non-existent, thanks to the Paparazzi obsession with the Royal Family.

College: Non-existent, thanks to snap-happy friends and Facebook updates.

Point: Draw
Although there is something to be said about not having that bar-corner makeout sesh on the cover of Us Weekly


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