Leave the Book Writing to the Pros, Hollywood!

So pigs are officially flying, Hell has frozen over, and Hermes Birkin bags are buy one/get one free.  Didn’t you hear?  The Kardashians penned a bestseller, y’all!  Pick those jaws up off the floor, it totally happened…and if the sales reports are accurate, there’s a good chance you yourself purchased a copy of Kardashian Konfidential.  And may I add, lovingly of course, what the eff were you thinking, girl!?

While I’m still trying to wrap my head around what this Great American Novel could possibly be about (Amazon is telling me something about sisterhood, feuding…wait, so it’s like a written account of their shows?), I think it’s important other celebrities not get the same idea.  Just because you have a television show or frequently appear in the pages of Us Weekly, don’t go thinkin’ you have thoughts that need sharin’.  I’ll tell you right now, I don’t care.

Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrity-written books.  Chelsea Handler?  Giuliana Rancic?  Jenny McCarthy?  Yes, please!  They’re funny, smart women with something interesting to say.  It’s when morons put pen to paper I get a little miffed.  Like if some of these people decided to become the next expert on dating, living, or telling all…

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WikiLeaks: Friend or Foe?
WikiLeaks: Friend or Foe?
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