Sexy Time: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Last weekend, my best friend and I ventured into the city to attend the Everything To Do With Sex Show, a sex-centric expo that plays host to toy manufacturers, gear makers, and a whole lot of information. We had been planning to attend the expo for weeks, so walking into the giant room that was filled with people just like me – open, honest, and unashamed of sex — was pretty thrilling.

After walking around and exploring the booths for a good hour or two, we settled into the seminar room and hung out for almost six hours, listening to facilitators talk to the crowd about different areas of sex and sexuality. We also wandered through the dungeon a few times, and yours truly even submitted to being flogged by a lovely lady who asked if I wanted a “back massage” — it was splendid.

We ended up spending nearly nine hours there, and at the end of the day walked away with a whole wealth of sexy knowledge. Here’s a few things I learned from my day at the expo:

During a seminar on “turning toys into tools” (for the bedroom), the guy presenting talked a lot about what he liked to call the “double tap.” Basically, the concept was that whatever you’re doing to your partner, make sure you’re doing something else as well. For example, use your tongue and your hands, or have sex and kiss their neck. Apparently this is a good way for those ladies who have problems climaxing to finally get there.

Glass toys are apparently the best. Not only are they incredibly clean and durable (they’re non-porous so there’s nowhere for the bacteria to hide while you’re cleaning it), but from what I hear, they also contribute to some mind-blowing orgasms. When you have an orgasm, your PC muscles contract, and usually when you’re having sex with a man or using a softer toy, whatever it is that’s causing you to orgasm just kind of absorbs the contractions. But glass stays rigid against the contractions, making them seem a whole lot stronger. Sounds pretty awesome. Oh, and it’s medical grade glass, so chances are that even if you throw it against something, it’s not going to break (though you should probably get a new one anyways).

Another great investment: ben wa balls. These little balls go inside your vagina and they just stay there until you take ‘em out. They help to strengthen those PC muscles that play a huge role in orgasm, and also, because they have even smaller balls rolling around inside of them, have little non-mechanical vibrations that happen as you walk around and go about your day-to-day business. Because of those vibrations, if you put them in at the beginning of the night – like before a date – by the time you go home you’ll be rearin’ to go. Strong PC muscles and an even greater desire to have sex? Sign me up!

What I’m getting at here is that if one of these expos rolls into your town, I would definitely suggest spending the day browsing sexy toys and learnin’ all about sex. Not only was it was a good time, and I promise you’ll learn a thing or two. And if you aren’t lucky enough to live in a town that hosts something like this, there are always books….

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