Wardrobe Wish List: Knit Ear Warmer Flower Headband

Baby, it’s cold outside. And the only thing worse than a cliché is freezing your little ears off after your campus inevitably plows your car into a snow bank. So while you’re stocking up on your extendable snow shovel, windshield brush/scraper, Uggs, long johns, scarves and gloves, here’s a friendly reminder of how much it stings when the wind takes advantage of your bare-naked ears.

Let’s be honest, our main concerns in the winter are not just staying warm, but also trying to avoid hypothermia without having to resort to the Michelin Man look. And it’s not easy. Between the puffy coats and the matching look-alike Uggs everyone will be sporting, the last thing you want is to be stuck with earmuffs that make you look like a chinchilla curled up around each of your ears and died.

The solution? A very affordable and sophisticated looking wrap, like a knitted headband that covers your ears. Like this one from paddicake.com. It buttons behind your head and is adorned with a beautiful knitted flower, making the knitted headband both incredibly cute and functional.

The best thing about this headband is that it won’t give you hat head! No need to worry about pulling off that adorable knitted cap once you get inside the building with the heat cranking to reveal a sweaty, matted mess. Unlike a hat, you can wear this with any hairstyle and not worry about a thing.

And these are so ridiculously cheap ($6.50!!) that you can get one in every color, mix and match outfits, and not even fret if one falls out of your bag and into a slush puddle when you’re in a hurry to get to class because it took half an hour to get all your warm accessories on.

So what are you waiting for? You can color match with anything, including this season’s hottest color, slush grey. The only think you won’t have to color match is your bright pink ears.


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