Duke It Out: Is The First Date Dead?

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This week, in keeping with my usual studious habits, I was surfing around the internet watching cute cat videos when I came across this article which posed the question; is the first date dead? My instinctual reaction was that this is just another one of those things where people freak out because technology changes things, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if they don’t have a point.

Looking at it one way, OK, so maybe guys aren’t asking us down to the malt shop to share a giant milkshake with two straws, but so what? There was a time in history before the whole dating idea was around, isn’t it inevitable that at some point we would move beyond it?

Is it so bad that our society might lose something that most people dread and find painfully awkward? Is it such a bad thing if we ‘hang out’ with guys instead of being stuck sitting through dinner and a movie with a dude who won’t shut up about dressing his cats up as the Justice League for Halloween? Yeah, I’d really hate to miss out on that. Should we really be mourning the fact that now our first bits of information on a guy (besides, ‘holy crap, he’s hot’) come from his Facebook page instead of rumors our friends have heard and inane conversation over cheap food, because that sounds like a step forward to me.

But, I do see their point. Looking back at high school, all of the guys I ‘went out with’ were guys in my school, who I hung out with during the school day and ultimately asked me to be their girlfriend. Really, except for school dances and stuff, I don’t think I ever went on anything that would technically qualify as a date; most of the time we just hung around together. Does that mean that I’ve missed out on some integral rite of passage? Is the idea of starting your relationship with FB and texts not kind of negating the whole point?

I don’t know ladies, you tell me. Is the first date dead? Should we miss it? Or is it one of those ancient evils like smallpox and we’re better off without it? Duke it out!

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