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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Shocking Grammy Nominations AND MORE


Apparently while we’re still polishing off Thanksgiving leftovers, Hollywood’s already gearing up for 2011.  And they just announced the first pot-stirrer of the New Year: who’s nominated for February’s Grammy’s…and who isn’t.

Big Turkey Sandwich with All the Fixings

1. The full list of 2011’s Grammy Award Nominees has been announced.  And guess who’s leading the pack with noms? Uh, Eminem.  Following him with the most are Lady Gaga (duh), Jay-Z, and Bruno Mars.  Because none of us are sick of hearing “Love the Way You Lie” and “Bad Romance” on the radio…

2. Oh no.  Could it be?  A preggers Jessica Simpson? Well, I guess that would explain the expedited wedding plans.

3. Jake and Taylor are still going strong. Swift showed Jakey around Nashville and they were quite the lovey-dovey pair.  Can someone remind me how big the age gap is here?  I’m a little confused as to how this is actually happening.  In other news, can’t wait til they break up and Taylor releases a tell-all song!

4. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show once again proved that those little undies will never look as good on us as they do on a 5’11, 100 lb Brazilian model.  Such is life.  At least Katy Perry was there to give me a reason to get up and dance…and burn a few calories.

5. Lady Gaga has announced the first single off her new album will be released in February.  But what I’m really excited for is the music video.  She’s already conquered fake blood, cigarette sunglasses, and meat dresses.  Wonder how she’s going to raise the bar this time, Little Monsters.

Lean Cuisine

1. Channing Tatum has been selected to reprise Johnny Depp’s classic role in 21 Jump Street. The 80s TV show is going to be made into a movie and will also star Jonah Hill as Tatum’s high school crime-fighting partner.  Innnnteresting.

2. Love you some Vampire Diaries?  Well, you’re in luck because talks of a “companion show” are swirling.  Info’s currently limited, but it is said that the VD’s writers and producers will be working on the new show, too.

3. Dancing With The Stars is trying to get the First Dude of Alaska, Todd Palin, to trade in his snow boots for some dancing shoes next season.  No word yet as to whether he’ll accept the spot, but producers are gunning hard knowing he’ll do wonders for the ratings.

4.  Snoop Dogg recorded an “anthem” for Prince William’s bachelor party.  Of course he did.

5. Michael Douglas is said to be feeling better after receiving intensive treatment for throat cancer.  He’s even accepted a role as Liberace in an upcoming movie about the famed pianist.  What better way to show America you’ve recovered than by donning sequins and playing a guilded piano?