The 8 Hotties of Hanukkah: Mark Salling [GALLERY]

Happy Hanukkah, Jewesses! If you’re one of the lucky girls out there who still gets a sick present for every one of the 8 (crazy) nights, kudos to you. Bitch. If you’re like us here at CollegeCandy, you get a Starbucks gift card from your grandpa for $18 and a “what? I don’t do enough for you all year?” guilt trip from your mom.

For those of you who fall into the latter category, don’t fret; CollegeCandy’s got your back. We’re bringing you the 8 Hotties of Hanukkah, one for each glorious latke-eating day. Because at the end of the day, as your Hanukkah candles are burning low and dripping wax all over your desk, unwrapping an iPhone 4 is cool, but flipping through pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal’s six-pack, Drake’s tasty mug and Zach Braff’s adorableness is a gift that keeps on givin’.

Mark Salling reminds us just how beautiful a bad Jewish boy can be. Move over Rabbi Goldberg, because this faux-hawk styling stud makes us want to skip our traditional latkes dinner and head straight for dessert. Not only is this Glee stud making our Hebrew school class look wimpier than ever,  he was raised in Dallas, which means he comes with a sweet southern twang as well.

I wouldn’t mind playing naked dreidel with this stud muffin.

[Click on any image to view the hotter-than-a-full-menorah hotness.]

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