10 Ways To Procrastinate Studying For Your Finals

Finals suck… I’m pretty sure that’s one thing we can all agree on.  Between hauling ass to the lecture you’d ordinarily skip, to sleepless nights at the library, to the inevitable Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that kicks in as soon as you’re done, finals week truly is Hell on Earth.

We all need a break from the madness sometimes, and the ladies at College Candy know this better than anyone else.  So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to procrastinate…just don’t blame us if you have to pull an all-nighter right before that calc final.

1. Spend some quality time discovering all the awesomeness that is out there on the web. Seriously there’s a lot and you’re lucky enough to have the hook-up to a CC writer who spends all her time finding the best stuff on the net.

2. Looking for a way to spend hours watching, amazing, nostalgic, funny, and memorable viral videos all day long? We’ve got just the link just for you.

3. Spend all day looking at our hilarious Facebook page. Between our amazing photo albums and interactive discussion posts, you’ll have plenty to do. And that’s before you even move onto detagging photos from your ugly Christmas sweater party.

4. Watch College Candy videos: We have all the deetz on Hollywood hottest.

5. Try these ideas: Cheap, quick beauty fixes?  I’m in…as long as I don’t have to be the one buying the haemorrhoid cream. Spend some time testing out these beauty tricks that use items that you can find in your very own bathroom.

6. Why study when you can eat? Cook something delicious: Our Intro To Cooking series will have you cooking up a storm. And the best party? All the amazing smells coming from your kitchen will distract your roommates too.

7.  Start a Twitter account: In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t done so already. We’ve got the 411 on why every student should have a Twitter account. And once you get started following all your favorite celebs, you’ll have no time to write that paper.

8. Take a productive study break and don’t feel guilty about it.

9. Waste some more time online: Check out our list of instant boredom killers.

10. ..And when you’re finally ready to start studying, check out this application that will literally stop you from doing anything else.

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