American Country Awards Will Make The Country Haters Think Again

OK, so you hate country music. You can’t stand the twangy voices and the sap stories that bring people to tears by the end of the song. Or the only identifiable country song you know is, “Sweet Home Alabama” (which, by the way, isn’t country) and that reminds you of Karaoke Tuesdays, crowded with middle-aged women who actually think they can sing after a few martinis.

So for those reasons, and those reasons only, you decided you hate country. Well, think again.

Today’s country music is about more than just singing about drinking whiskey and lovin’ women.  In fact, many country artists, including Taylor Swift and Rascal Flats, have gone mainstream. And who could hate T.Swift?! I know I sure can’t…even though she’s had a fling with every Hollywood hunk that I’ve dreamed about dating.

Country music is honest and revolutionary—something completely different from any of your Pandora radio stations.  Country tells a story, involves the listener in the emotion of the song, and yes, makes even the die-hard country fan shed a tear.  Don’t believe me yet? Listen to Miranda Lambert’s “The House that Built Me.” That song gets me every. single. time.

And just in time for the very 1st American Country Awards, I want country haters to gather ‘round, silence your opinions for 2 hours and celebrate all things country music.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are up for every possible award (and they are wonderful, powerful performers in the country genre), but in order to truly appreciate country music, you must move past the mainstream country artists and appreciate those who may not show up on Us Weekly covers or get major coverage on E!.

One of my all-time favorite country bands is the Zac Brown Band. They are widely respected throughout the music industry and their catchy lyrics make it impossible not to sing along. And I can promise you, even the biggest country hater will fall in love with the Zac Brown Band’s music.

If you love Taylor Swift, you’ll love Miranda Lambert even more.  She’s sassy, classy, and makes revenge ever so sweet.  Miranda Lambert has a song for every situation. Dealing with a cheating boyfriend? Listen to “White Liar.”  Jealous girls trying to rain on your parade?  Make “Only Prettier” your anthem.  Wanna feel empowered when you’ve given up on love? Take a listen to this.  Miranda’s like Taylor 2.0. Gotta love her!

Luke Bryan is the typical country star— he’s a real gentlemen. His twangy country voice makes him irresistible, and he sings about what everyone loves the most: love and whiskey. “Rain is a Good Thing” is a country boy’s anthem, but also a great sing along song.  You can’t go wrong with “Do I.” And sorority girls across the country love this song and after listening, you’ll see why its many a girl’s personal anthem.

There are so many country stars that are worth listening to when you’re looking for new music.  So tune into the American Country Awards to see these musicians and more! I have a pretty strong feeling country haters won’t be hatin’ any longer.

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