Surviving Senior Year: Time for Some Rest and Relaxation

I am three finals away from freedom. (At least that’s what my Facebook says.)

After months and months of bemoaning and belaboring senior year, the fall semester is almost complete. Half of my senior year is over. My lasts semester taking a full course load is over.  It’s the end of an era, the beginning of something new. It’s what I’ve been counting down to since October. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit ranting about how I could  not wait until the semester was over, how I needed a break, how I was tired of my professors, how I needed more free time and fewer responsibilities and how I was absolutely certain that this semester was just never going to end.

But now, now it’s very close to ending, and what I hadn’t seemed to realize was that it wasn’t so much my last fall semester of college that I wanted to end, but rather all of the work that accompanied it.

You see, I tried my best to strike a balance. But somewhere along the way the stress of senior year started overwhelming the sentimentality of senior year. It was less about enjoying the experience and more about powering through to the end of the experience. The senioritis started kicking in, and I started freaking out. I was trapped in a of must-get-things-done-now mind frame, worrying about my senior thesis (I don’t know why. It’s not due to April), my grad school applications (Don’t even know if I want to go to graduate school), and my grades (Still important. But now that the papers are done it doesn’t really seem as stress worthy). I spent a good chunk of the semester thinking about what comes next, and while it made sense at the time, that is not how I want to spend the latter half of my senior year.

I want to spend it partying partaking in senior year activities. I want to be a college student, because hey, I don’t know if you noticed but this will be my last chance to do that.  I use to do it quite well once upon a time (I’m looking at you, Junior Jenn) and after a little winter break rest and relaxation I think I’ll be more than ready to get back to the basics, for my last semester of college ever.

So I’m going to power through this last week one last time, and then do some celebrating. I’ll rest, relax, and recuperate all while getting into the Christmas spirit. And in January I’ll be back, with some New Year’s resolutions and some new, less stressful, senior goals.

If you need me until then, I’ll be watching Real Housewives reruns and baking Christmas cookies (or just eating the dough).

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