Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Guy [GALLERY]

The holiday seasons are all about eating too many dips, spending way too much money on frenemy gifts, and watching Elf on repeat. This year we’re prepared to take the stress and the frustration out of holiday gift giving by giving you the ultimate gift guides to buying the perfect presents for your favorite people (and we’re splitting into 3 different price ranges so you can choose the gift based on how much you actually like the person!). So set this series as your favorite because all week we’re bringing you the best.

‘Tis better to give than receive, right?  Well, technically speaking.  Except when it comes time to figure out what the hell you’re getting the man in your life this Christmas.  And they say we’re hard to shop for!?  Psh, please. Give me a couple Twizzlers and a three-karat diamond and I’m just peachy.  (Sarcasm?)

To ease the process of avoiding iTunes gift certificate and the ever classic “here’s a card and a blow job,” here are a few alternative ideas…

[Click on any image to start the gallery.]

Need more ideas? Come back all week for ideas to give everyone on your list (the BFFs, the parental units, the party girls in your life…) this year!

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Share A Career Tip and You Could Win a MacBook Air!
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