The 8 Hotties of Hanukkah: Andy Samberg [GALLERY]

There are only two more nights of Hanukkah. Sad. If you’re one of the lucky girls out there who still gets a sick present for every one of the 8 (crazy) nights, kudos to you. Bitch. If you’re like us here at CollegeCandy, you got a Starbucks gift card from your grandpa for $18 and a “what? I don’t do enough for you all year?” guilt trip from your mom.

For those of you who fall into the latter category, don’t fret; CollegeCandy’s got your back. We’ve still got two Hanukkah hotties to go. Because at the end of the day, as your Hanukkah candles are burning low and dripping wax all over your desk, flipping through pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal’s six-pack, Drake’s tasty mug, Zach Braff’s adorableness, Mark Salling’s general hotness, Jason Segel’s not-so-full frontal and Daniel Radcliffe’s across-the-pond sexiness, is way better than unwrapping a new Michael Kors watch.

Andy Samburg is the kind of Jew that gives us faith. Faith that Jewish guys who are taller than 5’6 exist. Faith that the stereotypical Jew can be hot. Faith that there are Jewish boys who don’t become doctors, lawyers or investment bankers. He’s like a dream come true and our enormous crush on this SNL funny man is borderline inappropriate.

How many guys can pull of that cute side-smile while still rocking that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-I-can-still-wear-a-tie look?  How many guys can share the screen with Justin Timberlake….and steal the show!? The boy can do no wrong. Hell, Andy could give me a d*ck in a box for Hanukkah and I’d write him a thank you note.


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