Put This on Your iPod: Alaska in Winter – Dance Party in the Balkans

[Hey everybody! Sarabeth here with a new feature that, quite frankly, I’m stoked about. Each week I’ll be bringing you an album that I feel is particularly awesome in the hopes of building iTunes libraries everywhere! It could be something new, old, hugely popular or fairly unknown, so keep checking back for our suggestions to awesome-ify your music collection.]

Boof. Finals Time. AKA the darkest of dark times for college students who are holed up in libraries with nothing but a Jimmy John’s sandwich and a prayer.

Oh and maybe 12 used up highlighters.

If you’re anything like me, you might be freaking out right about now due to the copious amounts of work on a to-do list that somehow keeps on growing. That’s why this week I’m bringing you what is quite possibly the chillest album in the world in the hopes that it’ll get us all to calm down and relax admist the finals stress.

I give you: Alaska in Winter’s first album, Dance Party in the Balkans.

About the Band
Alaska in Winter is the brainchild of Brandon Bethancourt after he supposedly spent a semester out in a tiny cabin in Alaska making music on his laptop all day long. When he returned to civilization, he sought the musical help of Zach Condon, Heather Trost, Hari Ziznewski, Stefanie Lamm, Rosina Roibal, Hilary Bethancourt, and Naila Dixon. Together, they created what has become my zen.

Top 3 Tracks

Close Your Eyes – We Are Blind

Lovely Love Love

Your Red Dress (Wedding Song at Cemetery)

Why You Should Listen to It
This is the perfect de-stress, unwind, regain your sanity album. The sounds are calm and soothing, but get upbeat every now and then to keep you interested and not snoozing off to sleep (although I have been known to put this on while I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s just so relaxing!) Definitely give this a try if you need something to drown out the sounds of the heavy breather at the table next to you and want to listen to something chill, but different.

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