Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashionista [GALLERY]

The holiday seasons are all about eating too many dips, spending way too much money on frenemy gifts, and watching Elf on repeat. This year we’re prepared to take the stress and the frustration out of holiday gift giving by giving you the ultimate gift guides to buying the perfect presents for your favorite people (and we’re splitting into 3 different price ranges so you can choose the gift based on how much you actually like the person!). So set this series as your favorite because all week we’re bringing you the best.

We all have that friend, you know, the one who has the perfect outfit for every occasion. The one whose wardrobe makes your mouth water. The one whose every outfit looks like it stepped out of the pages of Vogue. She spends hours studying fashion magazines and style blogs and would rather be shopping than anywhere else. She knows exactly what she wants and exactly how to make it happen. Style is her sixth sense. So how do you even attempt to go about buying a present for someone with that type of shopping experience?

You get her something else to add to her fabulous wardrobe.

I’ve done some fashion magazine studying myself these last few days and found you ladies the perfect gifts for your fashion forward friends. Not only are all of these items absolutely on trend, but they’re also absolutely affordable, and any one of them would be a welcome addition to a fashionista’s wardrobe.

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