Weekly Wrap Up: I Hate This Week

This week was pretty eh. I mean, between finals, grad school applications, and the 25 feet of snow outside, we’ve all had a rough few days. Luckily we’ve been writing feverishly (what else are we supposed to do when we’re cooped up inside?) so you have plenty to read while you’re procrastinating that 10-page research paper. Here are some of the most entertaining:

Is it just us or do holidays other than Christmas just not get enough attention? But at CollegeCandy, we shed a light on some of our other favorite things about the holidays: like food. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy these delish Hanukkah treats.

Speaking of the holidays, there’s one more coming our way and coming our way quick: New Years Eve. Soon we’ll be embarking on a new year, but first, there are a few things we’d like to leave behind.

I spent the better part of this week slathering Vaseline on my perpetually dry, flaking forehead. I probably should have just checked out this post, which divulges some awesome beauty secrets that withstand the cold weather.

One celeb who doesn’t need fashion or beauty tips is Emma Watson. Trying to cop her look without selling your organs? Check out our guide to copying the look on a college girl budget.

If you plan on having some fun over Winter Break, you’ll need some help navigating the world of watchful parents and frilly pink bedding. Our girls got you covered with a guide to getting it on in your childhood bedroom.

Finals week absolutely sucks, but we can teach you how to make it as bearable as possible. Don’t expect miracles – it’s still not going to be a party, but with these tips, you’ll definitely make it out alive.

Just because the weather outside is blah, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be! Check out our guide to revamping your winter wear, starting with one essential piece: skinny jeans.

Is it actually possible to be friends with benefits with a guy? Is it possible to be friends without benefits? Does the guy who you’ve made your friend with benefits want more? These are the questions that puzzle the CollegeCandy girl. Tuffy Luv has the answers.

Obviously we all want to attend the best school possible, but does it really matter where you went to school in long run? Sound off on this issue – we know where we stand, but we want to hear your take.

I thought I was the only one who cringed at the term sexually active, but it turns out I’m not alone. One of our writes breaks down the term. Check this out and always know exactly how to answer the gyno when she questions you.

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