Body Blog: Pretty as a Plank

Some of you lucky ducks are already done with finals and may even be boarding the next flight back home. While you’re sitting in front of the TV (all day, every day) this winter break deciding what to do with all that extra time, why not do a little work on that hot bod of yours and strengthen those abs? You can even do this super easy move during commercial breaks!

I know when it comes to flattening that belly you’re tempted to bust out 100 crunches, but try planks instead. Fitness experts everywhere tout them as the best moves that engage the WHOLE body while centered around the core muscles. That means they work your abs and everything else that helps keep you tight and toned and strong. Just pair these strengthening and toning moves with cardio exercises (anything from running to swimming to Spinning) to burn the layer of fat that might be covering your six-pack and you’ll have your goal figure in no time.

So, you ready for some side planks??

Want even more toning exercises? Jackleyn’s got em! If you’ve got other trouble spots you need her help with, Tweet herĀ @jackelynho.

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