Celebrity Break-Ups That Crushed My Heart

I like to be numbed by celebrity gossip.  Whenever I’m having a bad day, I run to the back of the magazine stands, snatch up an US Weekly and bury my sorrows into all of the celebrity problems I can’t even fathom being involved with. And yeah, all that “celebrity cellulite!” and “stars without their makeup!” stuff is great, but it’s the relationship gossip that really wets my palette. Brett Favre sent his penis pics to who? Taylor Swift had coffee with Jake Gyllenhaal? Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are dunzo?

After spending 8 hours a day studying and another 3 wallowing in my own relationship problems (like the fact that I don’t have one) a gossip mag is my perfect getaway.  I can sit back, file my worries away, and bask in the glory that is the perfect, blissful relationships of the stars.

But sometimes, news about celebrity love lives makes me even more depressed. Especially when it involves my two favorite High School Musical stars, Zac and Vanessa. Like really?! They were the ultimate power Disney couple.

When my favorite celebs take a trip to break-up land, it strikes me right in the heart.  I am their cheerleader, their sideline pepfest, I want them to survive. If not to procreate than at least to prove to me that love is out there and it is beautiful.  And when they don’t? Well, it hurts more than being dumped via a grammatically incorrect text. And trust me, I know.

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