Shop Your Closet: Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend blazers have been around for several seasons, meaning you probably have one in your closet by now. Like another wardrobe staple, the white oxford shirt, a boyfriend blazer can be worn with anything for any occasion – they can even be worn together! When the temperature starts dropping and you start bracing yourself for a season of thick sweaters and thicker sweatpants, the boyfriend blazer will be your new BFF, allowing you to wear all your favorite things in new and warmer ways.

Learning how to layer under your boyfriend blazer is an important skill for the winter but one that will pay off until the snow starts to thaw in May. I’ve got three fabulous options that require nothing more than some creativity and all the clothes you’ve already got in your closet. With this, there’s no excuse for that shapeless winter wear, ladies!

(Note: Almost any style of blazer will substitute in for these outfits- I just happen to be a huge fan of the boyfriend style as it has a looser fit.)

Outfit 1:

The DL: Blazer, Shirt, Skirt, Tights, Flats.

One of the best things about a blazer is that it can easily make just about anything look more polished. For a versatile look that works day or night, weekday or weekend, fall or winter (or spring and summer if you take out the tights!), take a pretty mini-skirt and a long sleeve button up top (patterned or solid will work). Cute on its own? You betcha, but even cuter when you put the blazer on top and layer on some opaque tights for extra warmth. A pair of flats or boots are the last piece for this simple look that you’ve built out of items you’ve already paid for. Boom.

Outfit 2:

The DL: Blazer, Tee, Long Sleeve, Jeans, Boots, Hat.

Want to wear your favorite graphic tee but don’t want to get all sloppy with that generic tee/hoodie combo? Enter: the blazer. Making that simple swap takes your layered look from “meh” to “magnefique” in two seconds flat. If you need even more toastiness, put a long sleeve shirt underneath your graphic tee and add a cute hat over top. If hats aren’t your thing, a scarf is another cold weather accessory that will do double duty keeping you warm and looking cute.

Outfit 3:

The DL: Blazer, Dress, Tights, Pumps, Ring.

Short party dress + tights + blazer = win. You’ll look hot and get to wear all your favorite sexy dresses without freezing your buns off. Just throw on your favorite black pumps and accessories (I went for a statement ring, but a stack of sparkly bangles with the sleeves on your blazer rolled up will also look HOT) and hit the town in high style.

Find out other ways to re-work what you’ve already got stuffed in that closet of yours.

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