The 7 Must Read Fashion & Beauty Blogs

How to make your eyes look bigger.  How to make your lips look fuller.  How to make your nose look slimmer.

With all the beauty advice out there, who needs plastic surgery? (Heidi, I’m talking to you.)  And then there’s blazers. Vests.  Sweaters. Shrugs. Peacoats…how am I supposed to pick one?!?!   The beauty and fashion markets are definitely overwhelming.

Both worlds are ever-changing.  Between the skinny jean/wide leg pant debacle and the ongoing tug-of-war between smoky eyes and bold lips, we could all use a little  guidance when it comes to crafting a look.  Most of our readers have sick style to begin with, but everyone could use a little inspiration sometimes.

Luckily for you (and me!) our friends have some serious style savvy.  Check some of favorite style guides to add that extra oomph to your look.

Lemondrop: Like it’s namesake (coincidentally my favorite shot), this site mixes up the sweet with the sassy.  Check here if you prefer the rebellious tongue-in-cheek look that is sooo right now.

TheFrisky: The folks at The Frisky are all about accessorizing.  Since this is one of the best ways to take your existing wardrobe to new places, this site can save you mucho dough…not to mention closet space.

College Fashion: If you covet celebrity style, this is the place for you.  The ladies who run this site break down some of the most fashion-forward looks so you can emulate them easily.  Step-by-step instructions make this as comprehensive and easy-to-follow as a 101 class.

Already Pretty: Beauty is pain?  Not according to this guide.  They favor cozy sweaters and slouchy boots (sans heel…can you imagine?). It’s all about accentuating what’s already great about you.

Budget Babe: The name says it all.  Quick, cheap alternatives to the ridiculously overpriced looks that seem to be everywhere.

The Gloss: If you believe that fashion should not just be seen, but also discussed – this is the spot for you.  The countdown of T. Momsen’s (aka our girl Jenny Humphrey) worst looks is a must-see.

And now, for a little shamless (but totally warranted) self-promotion… We don’t like to toot our own horn (oh, who are we kidding?  TOOT TOOT!) but the stuff on our site is perfect for practicality-loving, budget-hunting, fashionistas.

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We’ve All Been There: Final Exams
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