8 Under $20: Fabulous Flats [GALLERY]

Let’s face it, ladies: while high heels are sexy and a definite must-have for every wardrobe, the bottom line is they hurt. A lot.  Even if you deal with the pain of heels most of the time, sometimes your poor, little, ailing feet just need a break.

Thankfully, there are lots of cute options for flats these days.  You can find a pair in virtually any color, pattern or style to match every outfit and mood.  All of these fabulous flats will take you anywhere from class to a party (and everywhere in between)–for less than $20 a pair!

[Click on any of the fabulous flats to view the slideshow!]

The Post-Grad Journey: Screw You, Self-Help!
The Post-Grad Journey: Screw You, Self-Help!
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