Research Says, Money DOES Buy Happiness

Let me put it out there: whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness was a moron. Aside from being a super dad-like statement, it’s completely false. While I’ve always suspected a little extra cash brings on the smiles, a study out of the Wharton School now also suggests my inklings are spot-on.

As if we needed a study to tell us this, it looks like the truth might actually be we’re simply happier people when the bills are covered, the loans are paid, and there’s a little extra play money lying around for those just-because purchases. As a college student or a recent grad, you probably feel the financial strain more than most groups within society. Rent, school, transportation, random incidentals…chances are you’re paying for one or more of these hefty items on your own with minimal life savings to your name.

And that’s all before you factor in the cost of shopping, vacations, and going out…if you can even afford to do those things. So what are we left with? A lot of debt, a lot of stress, a lot of mail we don’t want to open, and NOT a lot of affordable ways to de-stress.

Don’t try and tell me that the free yoga classes offered at the university’s gym are a wonderful stress-reliever. I don’t want to know about it. As far as I’m concerned nothing makes me smile faster than a cold umbrella drink in my hand, a fancy new pair of shoes on my feet, and knowing that there’s an exotic beach somewhere not too far away.

Tough love: sometimes it takes a million bucks to feel like a million bucks.

…Now if only the economy would improve so I can get a job and finally understand what it is to be truly, blissfully, happy.

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