You vs. the Holidays: Plan the Perfect Party

Imagine this scenario: It’s your first year out of the dorms, and you are living (ever so happily) in a nice little duplex off campus.  You can feel the Christmas spirit course through your veins like a Four Loko; quickly and aggressively. You and your lovely roommates decorate a mini tree with blinking lights your parents found in their garage. You drink spiked eggnog and laugh in the face of the holiday spirit.  Your eyes glide blissfully over your wonderful home.  You estimate it’s about large enough to fit at least thirty people comfortably, and maybe fifty if you send that Facebook invitiation out soon enough.

It’s time to throw a holiday party!

But, there is a twist.  Since you’re living off campus, you barely have enough money to support your Velveeta macaroni addiction, nearly enough time to crap, and the creative capacity the size of a kids meal.  You need a cheap, quick, and effortless way to throw a bomb-diggity party your friends will not forget.  And here at CollegeCandy, we’ve compiled a faboosh list of party throwing ideas that will fit your college girl needs for years to come!

Deck the Halls
Post-It Christmas Tree:
I read InStyle recently (in the store – I don’t have $6 to spend on a magazine!) and they had great creative advice for decorating.  I’m sure everyone has quite the collection of post-its scattered across their room from all that studying.  It’s time to round them all up (all you need is three colors) and create a Christmas post-it scene on your refrigerator! It’s fun, festive, and easy!

Festive Decorations: If you want to create a cheap decoration, steal some pretty ornaments from the parentals and a vase.  All you need to do is drop all of those pretty ornaments in the vase and, just like that, you have yourself a beautiful centerpiece for your liquor/buffet table.  Even easier? Grab those twinkle lights from your room and shove a them in a vase (try to find the ones that don’t need to be plugged in) and use that as a festive instead.

Be a Santa, Baby
Secret (Sexy) Santa Gifts:
Me and my friends mix all of our names in a bowl and draw names around Thanksgiving.  Then, come Christmas party time, we each secretly run out to the local sex-store and buy each other a saucy gift.  It’s hilarious, fun-awkward, and um….beneficial.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards: Construction paper and cute monogram stickers can be your new BFF.  Or, visit the Target aisle and grab a $5 gift box of Christmas cards.  I recently bought a cute Christmas puppy pack and I can’t wait to give them out! Inside, write them a poem, or why you’re grateful to have them in your life. (Yes, enjoying watching them as a sloppy mess every weekend counts.) Your friends will appreciate the small gesture of Christmas cheer.

Recipes for Destruction Holiday Cheer!
Cheap Appetizers:
Most college parties don’t offer up food, but come on! It’s the holidays, so let’s make this a classy affair. Need some classy food on the cheap? Try Target or Trader Joe’s.  Puff pastries…bruschetta, quiche…you name it, they have it.  Throw those babies in your oven and POOF, you have a spread to impress the best of ’em.  It’s also great to buy a California pizza, bake it, and cut it into tiny squares for an app as well.

Spiked Christmas Punch: Recently, I learned how to make a DELICIOUS punch.  All you need is a bucket of green Sherbet, a bottle of Canadian Dry, pineapple juice, and, well, whatever you want to spike it with. (My vote is for vodka. Even the cheap stuff tastes good in here.) Mix all of that goodness together, and you have yourself a tasty, cheap treat.  Need another great holiday drink idea?  Buy any blood orange or pomegranate strawberry punch and mix generously with vodka.  Put it in a large bowl with a ladle and it’s a chic-ed up and sophisticated version of Jungle Juice.

Cheapest Toffee: You don’t need to be classy to have toffee.  All you need to do is lay out some saltines on a pan (I know you have saltines, they are a great hangover cure).  Melt brown sugar and butter in a separate pot, pour it over the crackers, sprinkle some mini dark chocolate chips, and set in the oven for a few minutes.  Let cool, then break your creation into little bite-sized toffee treats.  Serve on a festive paper plate. YUM!

Be a Good Person, Spread the Christmas Cheer
Give Back:
Since you’re extra generous this season, instead of charging friends five dollars for the mysterious punch, charge them a canned food item.  Later, you can take all of your good to the local food shelf and spread your overflowing Christmas spirit to all.

Go Caroling: Trust me, drunkenly stumbling up and down the street and singing Christmas songs at other drunk people’s doors is as fun as it sounds. For everyone.

Oh, and please, people – don’t forget the mistletoe!

I hope you’re all ready for the ultimate (and only the beginning of many) Christmas party of your lifetime! Do you have any great ideas to share?

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