12 Ways Universities Can Help Students De-Stress During Finals

Not only have you not started your holiday shopping, but you haven’t started that 20-page paper that’s due in 12 hours. Welcome to finals week! It’s the most stressful time of the year, where you get to play catch up on all the reading assignments you skipped for the past 4 months while you simultaneously study for 5 exams that happen within two days.

While some colleges like to add to your stress (thank you Bridgewater State for losing power while I was on page 16 of my un-saved 27-page paper), other colleges have started looking for creative ways to help students de-stress. Tufts University, for example, has begun bringing in cute, furry, slobbery pups for students to pet and play with as a way to mellow out during their mid-finals week meltdown. Cuddling up with a poodle sounds all well and grand, but I’m just not sure that’s enough to combat the stress ulcer forming in my belly.

So what can colleges do to really curb our ulcer-inducing stress? Here are 12 de-stressers I can get behind. Ommmm.

Midnight Yoga Sesh
A university sponsored yoga class in the corner of the ‘brary? Count me in. It’s soothing while giving you a much needed workout (lord knows you haven’t had time for Spinning since reading week started). Plus, not only will you feel less stressed, but you’ll also get an energy boost to help power you through that never ending study session.

Bring in sleeping babies
Dogs shed. Sleeping babies just sooth.

Pot Brownies in the Caf
Easing finals anxiety has to count as “medicinal,” right?

Professor Dunk Tank
How amazing would it be to get the chance to dunk your professor who gave you a C- on your research proposal (you know who you are)? Nothing, and I mean nothing, feels better than watching that boring lecturer fall into a freezing tub of water.

Dance Party in the Library
Yes Please! Even if it was one song every 90 minutes, just getting up and shaking out your frustrations to “Whip My Hair” would be beneficial.

Midnight/Late Breakfast
I, for one, could go for breakfast anytime. So if it would mean giving my brain a rest to inhale some chocolate chip pancakes, I’d be all over it like syrup on my sweatpants.

Pass out Condoms
Nothing releases stress like some good, old sexy time.  You know everyone uses those study rooms for that anyway. Help a sister out so I can keep it safe while keeping myself sane.

Hourly YouTube Breaks
Laughter is hard to come by during a marathon cram session and I know after reading 200 pages of text, it’s exaclty what I need. How about setting up a screen and showing some dope YouTube clips for the whole ‘brary to enjoy? After a few LOLs, we’ll all be more relaxed and ready to focus. Plus, how funny would it be to see the librarian’s face when Scarlet takes a tumble?

Pass out bubble wrap
Apparently it’s soothing. It’s also really fun to scare the people around you.

Seat enforcement
Sometimes we need a break, right? A nice walk in outside. A quick 5 Hour Energy run. Only attempting to leave the library or study lounge causes more stress when we know some other jerk is going to swoop in and take our spot (the perfect one on the third floor next to an outlet that overlooks the second floor computers where the hottie from your math class is sitting). Perhaps library personnel can enforce the “same seats!” rule and give us one less thing to worry about when we’re trying to stop worrying about everything else.

Cancel Finals
I know that if there wasn’t a big test or a 10-page paper to worry about I would definitely be less stressed.

If all else fails, and for some reason your school doesn’t want to take our suggestions into consideration, just remember it is only one week. Once you get through that, it’s WINTER BREAK, baby!

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