Money Saving Shopping Tips from the Girls of ‘Downsized’

Heather and Bailey star in WE TV newest series, Downsized, about a Brady Bunch-esque blended family of nine trying to get by after their father’s business went under. Having gone from a family income of $1.5 million a year to something way, way less than that, these girls have had to majorly curb their spending and are learning that there is, in fact, life after Saks.

So what have these ladies learned from the unfortunate demise of their no-budget lifestyle? Here are their top 10 tips for saving money, without skimping on style:

1. Shop at stores like the Goodwill, Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. Get the whole stigma of wearing someone else’s hand-me-downs out of your brain. These stores sell gently used name brand clothing at very affordable prices. If you’re patient and open-minded, you can find really great and unique things for your ever expanding wardrobe.

2. Only buy sale items!! You’d be shocked to see how fast most items make their way to the sale rack. At the end of the day you will be happy you waited it out a bit when you get that sweater at 50% off.

3. Map out your shopping trip in advance! Every girl loves a day of shopping just for fun, but this often leads to unnecessary and impulse purchases. Knowing what you need (which is different than want or even “oh my god, I want that SO BADLY!”) before you hit the mall is a great way to curb a wandering eye!

4. Buy clothes out of season. (Especially the basics that you know you’ll need every season: t-shirts, tanks, solid sweaters, winter boots.) They are usually on sale!

5. Turn your old jeans into shorts for the summer season.  Hey, it worked for Jessica Simpson!

6.Turn in used clothing for money at consignment stores and places like the Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. Beyond shopping at those stores, sell at them! They’ll either give you cash back on the spot or you can opt for a higher exchange rate for store credit. There isn’t a better deal out there.

7. Share clothing with family. Note: this is different than simply stealing from your mom’s closet when you’re home from college for a weekend. In our family, we share our clothing. And not only with each other, but our two younger sisters and our step-mom. It allows for more options, and hey, 5 closets are better than 1! If you don’t have siblings, just share with your friends. You’ll get double, triple or quadruple the wardrobe without spending a dime.

8. Leggings are good for any season and cheap! To make your summer clothes work year round, put leggings underneath shorts or a dress and viola, your summer clothes just turned into a winter outfit!

9. Set a budget monthly to avoid overspending on clothes. Yes, budgets are boring but they are also the best way to keep you honest….and out of debt. They are also the best way to get you really thinking about your shopping so you prioritize what you need, REALLY want and just sorta buy because it’s cute and you’re bored at the mall.

10. Avoid credit cards. And only bring enough cash with you to get what you need.  You can’t spend cash on random things if you don’t have it!

[If you haven’t seen the show yet, check out the season finale on December 18th. Not only will you learn some money saving tips, but it will make you appreciate everything you have!]

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