The OC – Where Are They Now? [GALLERY]

If you didn’t watch The OC in high school (or middle school…God I’m old), chances are you probably didn’t have any semblance of a social life. Ok, that was harsh. You had one friend- your mom loved you dearly and thought you were terribly special. But within the confines of 9th grade classrooms, you were definitely left out if you didn’t have an opinion on the latest OC plot twist. And boy, were there twists and turns and shocks galore!

Perhaps the most shocking of all, however, is that we’re not really talking about these kids from Orange County anymore. Sure, they were hot back in the day. Yeah, we all thought they were going to grow up to be Hollywood superstars…but really, where are they now?

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The Starting Line: A College Education
The Starting Line: A College Education
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