The Starting Line: A College Education

Candy canes, hot chocolate and crowded libraries, they’re all synonymous with one thing–finals season is in the air (or for some at least, it’s already done with and they’re busy tanning their backsides in Barbados). Between writing papers (ew) and eating so much junk food that Cheetos dust is running through my bloodstream, I’ve had some time to reflect over semester one of my college experience. I made some errors, I had some fun, and I figured out that 9 am classes aren’t such a bad thing (if you have a good professor).

So besides information I now know about the international criminal court and how to conjugate Spanish verbs, here is some life knowledge that I’ve gained:

Do not bring a lot of t-shirts from high school: This is more of a personal issue. I have so many Class of 2010/National Honor Society/Cross Country t-shirts that I don’t know what to do with them. After assessing my clothes situation the other day, I realized that I don’t even wear those shirts since they’re irrelevant and instead, I could fill that closet space with better clothes.

If you hook up with a guy that you know, make sure you see him the next day to avoid future awkwardness: This is a tried and true method, my friends. If you don’t see him the next day, the awkwardness and overanalysis of the previous confrontation just builds up and then explodes in your face later on. By seeing him, you re-establish a chill connection immediately after the hookup and it doesn’t give you (or him) time to overanalyze and freak out.

Take fruit from the dining halls: Guys, scurvy isn’t a joke. Neither is cookie addiction. If all you have in your room is junk food, that’s all you will eat at night. However, if you have some carefully and sneakily procured fruit on your desk, you could add a little bit of healthy vitamin C to your night-snacking diet.

Don’t be afraid to take early morning classes if you love the class: Yeah, you’ll be tired, but loving the class is great incentive to wake up for it. As an added bonus, being awake longer gives you more time to accomplish stuff. And yes, catching up on old episodes of ‘Teen Mom’ counts as accomplishing something.

Work out if you’re having trouble sleeping: If you typically don’t work out and find yourself being an insomniac lately, take that step into the gym and work out a little bit. Even if it’s just walking on the treadmill for half an hour, it’ll help you get to sleep at night (not to mention help your butt look better come bikini season).

Do not depend on other people to help you with your econ homework: While this can be tempting, because doing homework together helps both of you learn more, if one person starts to slack, the other person will typically start to slack. Do your homework on your own, and if necessary, check with another person who you know is dependable.

Have bonding nights with your roommates during finals week: Finals week can be a really stressful time and you’ll see your roommates a lot less than you usually do. Take a group study break and pop in Love Actually; it’ll be better than a massage.

Hopefully I’ll remember everything that I’ve learned from this portion of my life and use it for next year and beyond, but until then, what are some life lessons you guys have learned over this semester?

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