Gossip Cheat Sheet: Love is Lost in Hollywood

While we’re all busy staying up until ridiculous hours of the night studying for finals and attempting to get some holiday shopping done at the same time, Hollywood has been… breaking up some of it’s cutest couples? At least it’s reassuring to know that while we’re stressing, celebs are always there to keep us entertained.

An A+ on Your 20-Page Research Paper

1. Zac and Vanessa call it quits. This might possibly be the most devastating breakup since Brad and Jen. Who didn’t love this adorable Disney couple? They stayed together for 4 years, survived Vanessa’s naked pics, the gay rumors surrounding Zac, and Megan Fox’s flirting – we thought they’d be together forever! And now I’m just confused… should I be upset that they’re over, or excited that Zac is single again? Because as much as I loved this couple, I mean… look at him.

2. Golden Globe nominations were announced! Awards season is upon us, and I can’t wait to bum out on the couch with some popcorn to see who wins what and who wears what! As predicted, the nominations were full of Inception, The Social Network, The Fighter, and Black Swan. I, of course, was ecstatic to see James Franco nominated for Best Actor. If you haven’t seen all of these, get ready to do some serious movie-watching so you’re not behind.

3. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are getting a divorce. It upsets me that two of the most beautiful people ever can’t even make it work. They were married for two years and were one of Hollywood’s most private couples – so private, in fact, that even friends were shocked by the split. The couple has released a statement saying, “While privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.” Hey, at least they understand this business.

4.  Miley fans are out of control crazy. Since Miley Cyrus’s “surprising” bong smoking video hit the Internet, everyone has been wondering not only why she was stupid enough to be video-taped doing it, but also… who had the brains to record it? Well, it’s now being reported that Anna Oliver, a friend of Miley’s and -GASP- Demi Lovato’s, was the one who allegedly taped the incident. Was it an elaborate plot of revenge or just innocent fun? We have no idea, but Miley fans are out for blood. No, seriously. They’ve been harassing Anna Oliver on Twitter since the news came out, even going as far as to create Twitters JUST to send her death threats. Beetches are crazy!

5. Mark Zuckerberg was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire who gives his money away to people who need it, he’s changed the way we interact, and oh yeah, he created Facebook. And considering I’ve never met a college student (or really anyone, for that matter) who can’t function if they’re not up-to-date with Facebook, this achievement is beyond huge. So yeah, I’d say he deserves this honor more than anyone today.

A D on That Sociology Final

1. The Adams Family – I mean the Kardashians – took a really weird Christmas card picture. This is just weird. Forget the fact that there is nothing Christmasy at all about this – they don’t even look real. I literally had to do a double-take when I first saw it because I thought they were wax mannequins. Why are they wearing these ridiculous outfits for a Christmas card? And why are none of them even smiling? I’m just creeped out.

2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannnon are having twins! Yay, the rumors were true – not one, but two little babies will be invading their lives soon! No matter how weird you may think this couple is (I can’t be the only one), this is still cute, and you can’t help but be happy for them.

3. Even more couples break up. Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter file for divorce (maybe playing siblings on the show was getting too weird?), and Nip/Tuck star Dylan Walsh is also divorcing his wife. Oh yeah, and Elizabeth Hurley and her husband are divorcing. Did I miss something? Is this divorce week?

4. Chelsea Handler pretty much confirmed she’s dating 50 Cent. She tweeted a photo of them in bed, and said, “I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper.” They may win the award for most random couple of 2010.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow is returning to Glee! While I never thought she’d be good on the show, she ended being pretty great. So all I have to say to this is, yay!

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