Happy Free Shipping Day!!

So there’s only a week left until Christmas and you’ve been so busy making notecards that you’ve barely had time to shower (seriously, can you remember the last time you showered??) let alone pick out gifts for every last person in your life. You’re screwed, right?


It turns out, retailers have got your back and are actually going to reward you for being such a slacker….er….good student. Today, Free Shipping Day, over 1,000 online retailers are going to let you shop from the comforts of your futon and ship it to you for free (yeah, that’s not just a creative holiday name, people) with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve!

OK, so this might not be the best timing for those of you who were blessed with the last freaking final exam of the week at 3pm today and are huddled up in the library as we speak with zero time to shop, but for the rest of us, this is the sort of deal that makes us believe in Santa again. (Plus, you can always decompress after that killer exam than with some online retail therapy, am I right??) And it’s even awesome for those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas, as we can do a crapload of online shopping for ourselves and use all that money we would have spent on shipping for something extra fabulous.

Eeek! I’m more excited than when I found out NKOTB and BSB were going on tour together!

Check out all the participating stores at FreeShippingDay.com, then bust out that credit card and do your thang. Happy shopping, CollegeCandies!

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