Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter Break, Baby!

Finally, finals are over! But after too much studying and not enough fun de-stress sessions (breakfast, yoga, sex, the usual), it feels like there’s still too much tension in the air. Sure, we don’t have to worry about essays and multiple choice questions anymore, but we’ve still got holiday party planning, sorority winter formals and everything we learned this past semester that actually matters on the brain.

Luckily, here are a few suggestions to help you chill out over winter break:

Find the Sexy Zones. Because sex is an aaaamaaaaaziiiiingggggg stress reliever. And by sexy zones, we don’t mean the local bar or the location of next week’s holiday party…although, those aren’t bad places to start!

Get Sparked. Perfect for the Big hearted who are short on time, start micro-volunteering in minutes! No, this isn’t a joke, it is actual volunteer experience that fits quite nicely into those grad school applications.

Be (Herb) Happy. Word is that marijuana use is growing higher and Miley Cyrus is getting high on a new drug called salvia! (Note: remember, we’re simply suggesting these activities, whether you choose to read or participate is up to you!)

Be a Beach Bum. Hop into some sweats, grab a pint of peppermint ice cream and dust off those seasons on DVD of The O.C…by the way, where ARE they now? Well, they aren’t sitting at our ideal Golden Globes table this year, that’s for sure.

Go on Dates. Did that guy from high school finally grow up and suddenly become attractive? Who cares, we all know you did. There are certain people that every girl should date before graduating, so if you’re a senior, you don’t have any time to waste.

Happy Vacation from College Candy! And if you actually do find yourself freaking out or sad of pissed off over what should be a relaxing and well-deserved vacation, don’t worry. There’s a Glee song for that.

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