My Fantasy Christmas Wish List

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m disappointed. It’s almost 2011 and we’re not yet riding around on Hover Cars and spending our weekends in our moon condo. When I was a kid, 2011 felt like the future, a million years away — anything and everything seemed possible.

I was hoping by now it would be perfectly plausible to put a Christmas robot on my wish list and that we would all have Christmas Dinner out of vacuum packed space-food packages. But that seems to still be light years away. However in case any scientists are reading this (because I hear this website is quite popular in science labs world wide!), here are your future invention priorities.

(Note: I’ve been a good girl this year; I DESERVE THEM.)

Self-Styling Hair

In an average month, I probably manage to style my hair as I like it once. Then I go to sleep, rub my hair against the pillow as I attempt to get comfortable, and wake up looking like I’ve been electrocuted. How sweet would it be to wake up and your hair be ready to go? How much more productive could I be with my day? Or, more importantly, how much longer could I have in bed?

Refillable Cupboards

Imagine that. You reach for the last yogurt and POOF a whole new box appears. You’d never have to trawl through the cold and snow when you’re desperate for a new box of cookies ever again.

Single-guy Identifier.

I don’t know about you, but when I meet a new guy, no matter how well we get on, I’m always convinced he has a girlfriend. Wouldn’t it  be great if they had like a layer of UV paint that showed up in dark clubs to identify the single ones. No more awkward “oh my girlfriend has that dress” moments ever again,


Running for the bus and they shrink down for minimum pain. Strapless dress and they boost themselves to Double Ds.

Self-cleaning clothes

We’ve all been there. You get invited to a party at the last minute and pull out your go-to party dress…only to find out that it’s covered in salsa from your GREAT decision to make tacos at 4am. Self-cleaning clothes would mean you’d never have to wear your second best dress or creatively tie a pashmina around your chest again.

Painless heels

Okay, magazines are always showing us the most comfortable heels and tips and tricks to make them pain free. But the fact is, painless heels are a bit, fat, blistery lie. We don’t have Barbie feet, for god’s sake.

Sleep-learning Machine

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could study for your finals whilst asleep? Or have your brain absorb information while you have a nap behind your text book in class? And while we’re at it…


You go to bed and wake up looking like Megan Fox. Genius.

Healthy Fast Food

That tastes just as good as the real thing, but with no calories. Kinda like Diet Coke but for food.

Boy Translator

Wouldn’t it be great to actually know what he means before you get into those stupid arguments where you totally change what he was saying? Because surely sometimes when he says “I’m busy right now, can I call you later?” he didn’t just call you fat.

Morning After: The Night I Robo-tripped
Morning After: The Night I Robo-tripped
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