How to Beat Winter Break Boredom

December begins and finals quickly take over my life. Then suddenly, I’m sitting at home watching The Grinch and picking the dirt out of my fingernails with nothing to do.  Sure the first day of winter break is absolute bliss — I sit paralyzed to E! Network and holiday specials on my couch all day long.  I get up only to eat, pee, and transfer to my bed.

But as winter break progresses, I become so engulfed with boredom, I wonder if I’m even physically and emotionally existing in real time. The parents work, the younger sister hangs out with all of her high school friends, my cat naps, and I am left with the company of me, myself, and Wii bowling.

So in the name that is all and right with the world we know as ‘winter break’ I’ve compiled a fancy list on beating that winter boredom with a large stick.  Because we all know, at our age, being bored for more than twenty-four hours is criminal.

Elaborately Plan New Year’s Eve
For some reason, in the midst of Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year’s Eve gets lost in the mix.  I have a strong belief that is why New Year’s Eve ends up being the biggest buzzkill event every year.  So get out there, use all those gift cards you received from relatives (that didn’t know what to buy you) and buy a sequin dress and heels.  Then, meet with all of your girlfriends over coffee and reserve tickets, plan a party/trip, and kick NYE in the ass.  If you’re really ahead of the game (or have WAY too much time on your hands), plan your spring break in Panama City.

Make Your To-Do List
It may be a dreaded feat, but for me, the high I receive after completing my to-do list is well worth it.  So, get a piece of paper and write down everything you want to accomplish for the rest of the month (and before the year comes to an end!).  Then, start crossing things out!  Do all of your laundry, organize your school shiz for next semester, work out, write a bucket list, send a letter to a friend studying abroad.  Get ‘er done.

Pamper Yourself
When I’m bored, it usually means I’m going to utilize the time and make everything about me.  Since you’re at your parents, take a bubble bath…for an hour.  Paint your toenails pink, even though it’s not summer.  Shave your legs, get your first bikini wax, go get your hair done with your favorite stylist in town.  Pluck your bushy eyebrows, wax your upper lip, file your toenails.  You don’t have time for quickie beauty preening in college like this! So in the name of Kim Kardashian, pamper yourself!  Just, lay off the Botox.

Have a Cinematic Experience, Alone
It’s mid-afternoon and you’re bored on your couch again.  What do you do now? You go for a movie nooner special, of course!  Play old lady and pay up for a matinee.  Use the extra dollars you saved for a small popcorn and waltz into that chick flick like you own the place.  Because you do. You’re the only one there.

Start a Blog
To blog or not to blog
, that is the question.  And I propose you do. Take time and decorate backgrounds, personalize it, and humor yourself.

Organize Your Computer
After finals week beat you with a bat, I’m sure your computer is a disaster; random files thrown all over your desktop, stupid burned CD playlists on your iTunes, and a cluster of group e-mails.  It’s time to clean it all out.  Back up your computer to be safe, delete everything you don’t need, and make a ton of cool new playlists on your iTunes for next semester’s study sessions.

Stop Whining and Hang With the Family
Even though your finger nails curl if you hang out with them too long, you’d better appreciate having them around when you do.  They are the only ones who are forced to keep you around.  So play board games (I suggest ‘The Game of Things’ and ‘Apples to Apples’), bake, tell stories, have movie nights, and enjoy some family R&R.  If you’re a daredevil, dig out the old home videos or VCR Disney movies (they still exist) and catch up on the past.

Finish the Stack of Books on your Desk
We all have them: the infamous stack of books sitting on your desk, collecting dust, and getting lonely.  Take them under your wing and read until your eyes cross.  If you’re a magazine kind of girl, take your magazines, cut out things you like (that inspire you) and paste them all in a small notebook to look at later.  Utilize your quality time alone to do things college would never allow you to!

If you want to get out of the house, take the opportunity to volunteer at some local charities.  The holidays are a fabulous time to get involved with your community and help others.  In fact, get together some old high school friends and create a do-good posse.  It will be a warming bonding experience.  And the best thing?  You will remember it in the morning.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts [GALLERY]
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