Shop Your Closet: Back to Basics for NYE

[When moving into either a dorm or an off-campus apartment, your wardrobe will face two major challenges: 1. A major lack of funding (to add more to it), and 2. A major lack of storage space (for all the crap you’ve got). For these two reasons, maximizing what you already own becomes essential. That’s why you need to learn to Shop Your Closet. Each week, I’ll show you how to wear 1 item 3 ways – with the stuff you most likely already own! – to get the most out of your purchases.]

For many of us, right now it’s all about planning that hot NYE outfit. Sure, we can go out and buy something new (we can even do it on a budget), but if you’re like me, you’ve spent every last dollar stocking up on gifts for everyone and their mother, meaning you’ve got nothing left for that special New Year’s dress. And that’s OK, because you’ve probably already got everything you could ever need to plan the perfect outfit for the big night.

Forget battling the crowds at the mall or spending oodles of money on something you’ll most likely only wear once (either because it’s too fancy for any other occasion or ruined when your friend spills her vodka cran down the front); all you need for the perfect New Year’s look is a little creativity and all those basics you’ve got stuffed into drawers.

Outfit 1:

Product Information: Skirt, Shirt, Belt, Bangle, Heels.

Hike up a basic black skirt, put on your standard black tank, add a belt and voila! You’ve got yourself a little black dress and the illusion of an hourglass shape. Toss on a bangle, a necklace or a cocktail ring for sparkle and a pair of shoes and you’re all set to hit the town. Bonus if you no longer need training wheels (aka a date) to wear the super-high heels you bought for a high school semi; now’s the time to break them out. Depending on how much cold you can tolerate, you can bare your legs, or add tights to this look!

Outfit 2:

Product Information: Tank, Blazer, Shorts, Flats, Headband, Tights.

Everyone’s got a pair of shorts in their closet and they can easily be dressed up for NYE. The key is statement tights. (Note: If it’s too cold for something this holey, add a pair of nude tights underneath for extra layers!) Then add your go-to blazer and a tank to finish the look off. If you plan on dancing through the new year, leave those uncomfortable pumps at home and opt for a flat instead. And if you’re looking for New Years sparkle, add a big sequined headband or any of those sparkly accessories (bib necklace, anyone?) you’ve been stocking up on all year.

Outfit 3:

Product Information: Leggings, Tunic, Boots, Necklace, Ring.

You don’t have to show a ton of skin on New Year’s Eve; wearing a tunic and leggings can be just as sexy. (Plus, the extra stretch leaves some give if you’ve overindulged this holiday.) To step up this outfit and make it bigger/badder/blingier for the big night, add a big statement necklace and sparkly cocktail ring. You can even add a wide, funky belt to the mix if you’ve got one. If you own a pair of over the knee boots, they work well with this outfit, but really, any boots or shoes will do.

Find out other ways to re-work what you’ve already got stuffed in that closet of yours.

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