Greek Speak: Missing Greek Life

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Ahhh, finals are over… we can all take a sigh of relief, right? Wrong. For the last two years, going home over holiday breaks has been brutally bittersweet. My parentals are still in the middle of building a house that, in the mean time, leaves me roomless, bedless, and no-space-to-myselfless. I’ve literally been moved out of my chapter house for plus or minus 72 hours and I feel like my life may be coming to an end. I am not going to pretend like I am in the worst situation possible… I am in the worst situation possible.

The nightmare begins pretty much from the moment I pull onto the street where we temporary reside until the new house is finished. I look at the driveway- where the hell am I supposed to park? The garage is jam-packed full of our belongings, and the driveway is occupied. Looks like the snowy, unplowed street for me. Can you say VIP? At my chapter house I have my very own space in a parking lot just steps from the front door… not to mention our maintenance man plows the lot every morning before I even bother to wake up. Just sayin’…

I make it into the house and disaster number two strikes. Looking disheveled from carrying in my luggage because of course no one in my family offered to help me (note: a sorority sister would have helped in a heart beat), I quickly realize I have nowhere to store my stuff. I have a 15-year-old sister so surely there will be room in her closet right? Not a chance. Reality has set in: for the next three weeks, I will be living out of these suitcases. Every outfit, no matter how much Downy wrinkle releaser I use, will still be slightly wrinkly and smell faintly of musk. Attractive.

And it’s not like I can borrow clothes from anyone. While I have tons of closets to pick through while I’m living it up with my sorority sisters at school, at home I’ve got only my mom (read: mom jeans) and my sister (read: Justin Bieber t-shirts and leggings that look like flood pants on me).

It gets better…

Last night I was so hungry I think my sister could hear my stomach growling from her room (note: she has one, I don’t)… I asked my mom what was for dinner, and she replied, “turkey burgers.” Vom. Without panicking I peeled myself off the couch (where I had been basically all day) to search the fridge for anything but that excuse for a meal. Fail. Living without a chef is really starting to sink in- hard. What do you mean no 24/7 hot cocoa and snacks? No meals prepared for me? FML.

This is going to be rough.

Going home for a holiday break is great – don’t get me wrong. With it comes relief from class, exams, and anything academic. But sometimes, like right now as I watch my brother play yet another video game because he’s the only person around I can hang out with, I’m totally jonesing for my chapter house.

Feeling my pain? What do you miss about being away from your sorority over the holidays?

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