6 TV Shows To Catch Up On Over Break

Oh hello winter break, I’ve missed you!

This whole new ‘clear schedule thing’ started off great! I caught up (and drank with) old friends, I went skating in the park with the boy, and I even helped my mom bake cookies for Christmas (read: licked the bowl and ate a dozen cookie’s worth of dough). It was the kind of schedule that would make Martha Stewart proud…

But now, a mere 5 days in, I’m bored. I’ve already tried curling up on the couch with a good book, but I kept falling asleep. I’m too broke to go shopping. I’m sick of my siblings. And worst of all, there’s NOTHING NEW ON TV. Grrr.

So what’s a girl to do with three weeks to go until she can pack her bags and head back to campus? Catch up on some good old TV shows!

If you’ve got time to kill and don’t feel like partaking in the family Scrabble nights, here are 6 shows (some current that you should be watching, some from the past that you missed out on and some classics that everyone needs to watch) you should dedicate yourself to this break.

[Click on any image to start the gallery!]

Got any other TV show recommendations? Leave ’em below. It’s gonna be a long break….

Candy Dish: Looking Good
Candy Dish: Looking Good
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