UConn Women’s Basketball Team Breaks Records, No One Cares?

Our hats go off to the UConn women’s basketball team for winning their 89th consecutive game! This latest win makes these talented ladies the winningest team in NCAA basketball history, topping the 88-game winning streak set in the 1970s by the UCLA men’s basketball team.

It’s important to recognize an achievement this major, yet these girls are kicking butt, stealing records and getting very little media attention for it. This wining streak started a full two years ago and it’s taken that long to get any sort of national attention.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers says:

“…If it was the UConn men’s program, we would be talking about it every day, and that’s part of it. What [the UConn women are] doing is extraordinary and amazing.”

We agree, still, even after the team’s tremendous accomplishment, no one is talking about how the team is dripping with talented athletes, but rather how it is nothing like men’s basketball and shouldn’t be compared to it. Many sports writers feel that women’s basketball is far inferior to men’s basketball, asking whether the female team should even be compared to the UCLA men’s basketball team. They go on about how men and women are very different “just like apples and oranges” and blah blah blah, pointing out the differences between men’s and women’s basketball to make their point:

Men’s basketballs are larger (by around an inch), but are not heavier.
There is a 5 second rule if the defender gets within 6 feet for men and 3 feet for women. (Wouldn’t 3 feet be more difficult?).
Women have 30 seconds to hit the rim before giving up the ball while men have 35 seconds.
Men must be advanced past the half-court line within 10 seconds of getting the ball while women have no time limit.
“Men will always attempt to plow through things with athleticism and skill, while women tend to analyze a situation and come up with a response.” (Uh, is that really a difference in the actual sport? Or has someone been watching too many rom-coms?)

Nay sayers claim they aren’t being sexist, then turn around and call women’s basketball a joke. And it’s offensive. How is a talented women’s team winning 89 games against worthy opponents any different than a men’s team doing the same thing? Even if someone can claim that men are more aggressive, inherently stronger and faster than women, these women are still beating teams on the same skill level as them.

I could not even dream of doing what UConn has done and I’m confident in saying that neither could the sports writers who keep writing this kind of stuff.  I’m not sure who came up with this idea that men are better athletes than women but it’s a little outdated, don’t you think? The UConn women’s basketall team has proved itself, winning consecutive games for two years, and they deserve to be recognized and celebrated for all of their hard work.

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