Wardrobe Wish List: Mixit Multi Crystal Bib Necklace

Tis the season of endless holiday parties and panicking about not having anything to wear to them. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to wear a red or green ensemble (unless you’re attending the infamous “Ugly Sweater” party) and tacky holiday themed accessories. Please put those snowman earrings away now. And by away, I mean in the garbage.

The best solution is sparkly accessories. Yep, I’m advocating shiny objects, just as long as they’re not mini-Christmas ornaments. You can stick to the basics with the rest of your attire, and dress up your heeled boots and sweater dress with beautiful accessories, like this Mixit Crystal Bib Necklace from JC Penny. The amazing thing about accessories is that you can wear them to make an outfit, and you don’t have to wash ’em before you wear them again (meaning you can save your quarters for the vending machine on a Friday night).

This particular necklace proves that you don’t have to sell your soul on e-bay to afford glamour.  Cubic Zirconias are a girl’s best friend, and a necklace like this is exactly what you need to be dressy enough for the holidays without buying 10 new dresses for every single event (hello, Ms/ Popular). You can re-wear a necklace a million times and your outfit will still look fresh with new pairings and mixing and matching looks.

And let’s face it, this necklace is hard to miss.  What’s even harder to miss is the bright red s-a-l-e sign. $24.99? You better get one before they’re gone so you can start distracting everyone at the party with the overload of sparkly objects clustered around your neck.

Let’s be fashion-savvy this holiday season and steer clear of the tacky Christmas-themed accessories. Mini Santa hats make more sense on your Chihuahua than hanging from your ears. And please, no flashing Christmas light necklaces.

Grab this necklace and pair it with a slinky solid dress or plush sweater for the perfect chic holiday look. You’ll look incredible and festive without resembling a walking Christmas tree.


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