Weekly Wrap Up: Whoa! Where did 2010 Go?!

Whether you’re just waking up to the realization that it’s Christmas Eve morning or getting ready to jump in the car with your mother, father, brother, two sisters, and the family dog to head off to dinner, there’s no escaping it: Christmas is upon us!

Here at CollegeCandy we’ve been all about spreading the love, joy, and general merriment of the holiday season this week.  We gave you gift guides, survival lists, and countless Hollywood scandals to talk about.  But in case you missed anything while you were out hunting for a parking spot at the mall, here’s a run down of what you should be reading…

-Welcome winter!  Here’re 10 Things We Love about Y.O.U.

-Home for a week and already bored?  We’ve gotcha covered.

-And in case you’re one of those ambitious types, 6 TV shows you should definitely watch this break.  Break out Netflix and a giant bag of popcorn!  Dawson’s Creek, anybody?

-Is Mom asking you why you haven’t found a boyfriend yet…on your Facebook wall?  Avoid arguments while you’re home by laying down these social networking ground rules for parents.

-If you’re not celebrating Christmas with the fam (consider yourself lucky and) take a peek at this cheat sheet to throwing the ultimate holiday party.

-Reflecting on this past semester and wondering if you’re bordering on Make Out Slut territory?  Worry not, our dude’s got you covered.

-Or maybe you’re in that relationship gray area.  You know, where everything is perfect and lovely and wonderful…except you haven’t said those three little words yet.  Maybe that’s not so bad…

-Yikes!  Looking for a few last-minute presents to pick up?  We gotcha, girl!

-And don’t forget what’s coming up in a few more short days!  Have you got your New Year’s outfit yet?  Shop your closet and get a jump on that “Save More Money!!!!” resolution.

-A lot can change in the month that you’re home.  Be on top of the latest flirting trends when you’re back on campus.  Hint: it makes Twitter look tame and Facebook seem almost obsolete.

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