From CollegeFashion: Stylish Winter Boots For Snow, Slush and Ice

[The following is a guest post from our gal pals at They’re like the college Rachel Zoe (sans baby bump). Have you checked them out yet?!]

For girls who live or go to school in snowy states, winter provides some unique fashion challenges. One of the biggest dilemmas we face has got to be finding fashionable footwear that keeps us toasty, dry, and slip-free.

Leather and suede styles require some extra TLC for winter conditions and aren’t as durable or practical as other styles. Rain boots and wellingtons are adorable and help to keep you from falling, but generally aren’t particularly warm, even with a thick sock. And, while the fashion-vs-function debate on Ugg boots rages on, even Ugg lovers have to admit that few things are worse than dealing with soggy sheepskin lining on an especially snowy or slushy day.

So what’s a college girl to do?!

Thank god we’ve got our friends at CollegeFashion. Click here to see their top picks for the best, cutest, warmest, toastiest, chicest winter boots around!

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