The Only 5 Things You Need for a Memorable NYE

Not as fun as it looks. Trust me.

I’m always broke in December.

Finals week requires huge amounts of energy drinks and junk food to calm down stress for efficient studying, all worth it after the semester’s grades are posted.

Christmas calls for countless purchases from overcrowded malls to slowly rid the stress of giving gifts to loved ones, all worth it when they open their presents and have that priceless smile on their faces.

New Years’ Eve, however, for some reason, is like some huge competition to see who outdoes themselves and their bank accounts the most for the best Morning After story or the craziest Facebook pictures. And the stress that causes is never worth it, no matter how good that kiss was as midnight. Is it really worth hundreds of dollars to be at a club in Vegas while Jay-Z or Jay Sean or B.o.B. or Beyonce perform for the last twenty minutes of 2010? Do I seriously need to stress out over plane tickets or hotel rooms or my friend’s cousin’s roommate who can’t handle their alcohol?

NYE isn’t Go Big or Go Home; it can definitely be Go Big AT Home with your best friends. So if you want to avoid the “OMG, I can’t believe I spent that much money on a night that totally sucked,” here are the only 5 things you need for a killer NYE.

Bangin’ beats.
It ain’t a party without some jams. But who needs to shell out $75 to go to some bar with a DJ when you’ve already got all the same beats on your iPod? Be your own DJ and put together a playlist of YOUR favorite music of the year. It’s way better than being forced to grind with a stranger to every Katy Perry song of all time.

Sweet sips.
Alcohol is alcohol, and just because it’s served in some fancy glasses doesn’t mean it tastes any better. Vodka makes you just as drunk and happy when you pour it from a handle yourself, people.

Fun friends.
No one likes high maintenance party people, and thank goodness you aren’t one of them tonight. So control your guest list and celebrate the end of an amazing year with those who made it that way.

“Happy New Year!” headgear.
So you’ll know what night it was when can’t remember and look back at pictures. Top hat or headband, take your pick!

Sparkles of some sort in your outfit.
Because it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s practically protocol.

Contrary to what everyone says, you don’t need all that (overpriced) glitz and glamour for a great New Year’s Eve. And if the way you start the year determines what the rest of the year is going to be like, partying with your best friends for the night is definitely the perfect way to start.

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