The Post-Grad Journey: Bring on 2011!

In recent conversations with new post-grads, I commonly hear the same defeated yet wishful comment:

“I’m so ready for the new year.”

And you know what? I couldn’t agree more. After a year of ups and downs, college graduation, and a weird new existence of life after college, I too am ready to get rid of my frenemy, 2010.

Personally for me, 2010 has been very strange. It was either really good or really, really bad – no in between. I haven’t had a year this bipolar since venturing off to college in 2006. Needless to say, my relationship with the past twelve months is something that I’m not looking to hold onto or cherish because, well, if this were a real life relationship, I’m pretty sure my BFFs would tell me to kick that jerk to the curb.

So, at the stroke of midnight, I’m doing just that.
See you never, 2010!

OK, so 2010 wasn’t a total bust. Half of it was spent rounding out my senior year of college (which rocked my socks off), and I did learn a lot about myself. It’s just that like many post-grads, I feel like since graduation all the things I’ve wanted to come true haven’t. While most people have had a few lucky breaks, the majority of us are still searching for that perfect opportunity, that new something that energizes us. We’ve grown cynical and lost the faith that we’d find our passion and go on to do great things with our college degrees. We have run out of steam to find what we’re looking for and the confidence that we can even get it.

But with 2011 coming, it’s like a new start. A second chance. A big moment where we can say goodbye to the bad and hello to the exciting and new. The rollercoaster ride of 2010 is over and with a new year, we can only expect better. I mean, seriously – having graduated into the worst economy since the Great Depression….it has got to get better!

So here’s to a 2011 that kicks 2010’s ass, a year that makes post-grad dreams come true, and a lot of champagne on New Year’s Eve to commemorate your first new year out of college. Whether it’s been good or bad, happy or sad, everything you wanted or nothing you dreamed of, at least we have 2011 to start anew!


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