9 (Hot) Places I’d Rather Be Than (Freezing) Here [GALLERY]

It’s a good thing I own a huge collection of sweatpants, because I don’t plan on ever leaving my house. I mean, have you seen it out there? It’s disgusting over on the East coast, and the only thing getting me through this season is the knowledge that I won’t need to wear a bikini in public anytime soon and therefore feel no guilt when I binge on deep-fried Oreos.

Okay, fine I lied. I’d much rather be frolicking around in the ocean, lounging on the beach with a good book, and getting a wicked case of sunburn. So now that I’ve gone through the entire box of Oreos, I’m going to get myself through this weather-induced depression by dreaming about all the places I’d rather be than right here. Under a blanket. Covered in cookie crumbs. As my mother yells at me about “leaving my stuff all over the house.”

Deep sigh.

[Click on any beautiful, hot beach to get this party started.]


We Love Mashups!
We Love Mashups!
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