The Starting Line: Semester Two, Let’s Go

Considering that my last post looked back and cleared the slate for me to realize that my life has finally moved on past high school, it’s time to look ahead. And there’s no time like the present (with NYE looming ever so closely) to take everything I’ve learned this year and use it to change myself for the better.

So her are my totally dope freshman year resolutions:

I will become more globally aware: You guys, I know some of us (me included) set New York Times as our homepage and then, as soon as we get on the internet, our eyes glaze over at the mention of any word like “security” or “Iraq” and then we’re just like “Whateva,” and read Perez instead. Totally guilty of this. However, knowing your current global events is kind of a big deal—you always have an intelligent conversation topic to keep in your back pocket and you gain so much perspective on your own life—just how good you have it, and just how much plight really is out there. It’s easy to ignore it, but this year, I will dive into it.

I will keep up appearances: I think I’m getting better at this overall, but this next year especially, I am vowing to stay away from the sweatpants and the not-washing-my-face-before-bed-because-I’m-too-tired excuse. Looking good helps me to access my swagger, both while doing Spanish homework and shaking my thang on the dance floor. Plus, looking good makes an impact on anyone around you—just see how intense (read: AWESOME) UBS’s dress code is for their employees in Switzerland!

I will volunteer more: My school is in the middle of a city. Volunteer opportunities are all around me, and it’s not like I don’t have time to help out anywhere. I was so overwhelmed first semester that I didn’t really do anything and I feel like a lump of horse poop because of it. No more of that, ladies and gentleman; I will give back to the community this semester.

I will get a job: Let’s be honest, I just need the ca$h money. Cute outfits don’t grow on trees, you know.

I will phase out some freshman awkwardness: Whenever I’m “new,” social awkwardness is totally my thing. Sometimes I just have no idea what to say, and then I freak out that people will think I’m too serious, or too raunchy, or too whatever, and then I have even less of an idea what to say. It’s tragic, really. I need to start working harder to phase that out.

More than anything though, my brother’s friend, Time magazine writer Ishaan Tharoor, gave me ballin’ advice: Always be busy. And so that is my ultimate goal. No more floundering and loafing around for me. To (sorta) quote Disney’s Mulan—Let’s get down to business y’all.

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