Wardrobe Wish List: Leg Avenue Silver Glitter Peep Toe Pumps

Which is more irrational: the decision to wear 5-inch heels in the snow, slush and ice, or that slinky top without a coat because you don’t want to hold one at the party?

The bigger question is: who cares? Because frostbite doesn’t hurt so much after you’ve had a couple cocktails, right?

OK, so you probably won’t get frostbite, but you most likely will fall off your heels eventually. That being said, I promise the pain and maybe even the embarrassment is so worth it for these shoes I’m drooling over. So maybe I have a thing for sparkly objects, and maybe my inspiration comes from the New Year’s Eve ball, but there is nothing I don’t love about these shoes. I refuse to accept I’ll ever hate them even though I know after 30 minutes I’ll be whining that I need another drink because my feet kill.

What is there not to love about these Leg Avenue Silver Glitter heels? They’re sparkly without being sequined and tacky, they’re peep toes which is oh-so-sexy, and the bottoms have an adorable pop of pink that can be seen from behind. They’re fabulous, and at $53.14, I’m considering using my Amazon gift card that I got for Christmas that was meant for Kindle books on these instead (don’t tell grandma).

I can picture my NYE outfit now: black dress, full skirt, a sparkly necklace (like last week’s Wish List obsession) to match, and blue legs because I refuse to pair stockings with peep toes. And that’s OK, because with these gems on my feet, no one’s gonna notice anything else anyway.

These aren’t your everyday shoes, but they’re the perfect amount of flash for the right party. Instead of the usual method of throwing back drinks to make these work through the night though, I’d recommend some foldable flats to stick in your purse (they get itty bitty enough to fit in your clutch!); too many drinks and the ball won’t be the only thing dropping in 60 seconds.

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