5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Roommate Happy

Living with friends is fun and there’s (almost) never a dull moment.  There’s no awkward “Hi, I’m Alex” stage where you don’t know really how to act around your new roommate and none of that awkward/hesitant asking “if it’s okay if your roommate, you know, turns off the lights because it’s four in the morning, maybe.”
When you live with your best friends, it’s totally acceptable to cut loose and dance and sing at the top of your lungs to Ke$ha. Living with friends is fun, carefree, exciting. I wouldn’t change living with my friends for the world. On the other hand, living with a random roommate also allows you to experience new people and hang out with a different crowd.  It can be refreshing, enlightening and you may even gain a new friend out of your random housing assignment. But eventually, with any roommate no matter if she’s a friend or random, disaster strikes because you left your hairbrush out for the third time in a row.
Here are some tips to keep your roommates happy:
Do have roommate nights. Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit on the couch, or your extra long twin bed, and put in a chick-flick. My roommates and I always have Gossip Girl Mondays. Having these nights keeps your bond strong; it’s an easy way to break away from some of the stress of school, especially when it’s midterm week and you don’t say a word to your roommate because you’re cramming for your Chemistry test.
Don’t blast music when your roommate is studying. We’ve all been there—you have an exam in each 3 of your classes and an essay due, it’s 1am and the library is too far of a trek. You are focused, in the study-zone and your roommate decides to have people over for a power hour. Great. Treat your roommate the way you would want to be treated, so respect that she needs some silence and one day she will return the favor.
Do clean up after yourself.  There’s nothing more annoying to coming home from a long, stressful day of classes to dirty dishes in the sink or an overflowing trashcan with yesterday’s tuna can on top.  So if it’s your stuff, clean it up!
Don’t gossip about your roommate! It’s normal to vent about your roommate’s annoying habits, but if you’re talking about her to your whole floor, chances are she WILL find out. If you have a problem, confront her first before gossiping to your hall mates. If still have a problem, talk to your RA; they are there to help you.
Do enjoy your time living with a roommate! College is full of new experiences and having a roommate is one of them.  Try and form a friendship with your roommate because she’s going to be there when you’re freaking out about your final exam at 8am and when you’re trying to decode your new interest’s text messages.

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