Greek Returns: Remind Yourself Where We Left Off

One of the not so great things about the holiday season is the lack of good TV. Their logic is (or at least I think this is what it is) that we’ll all be too busy singing Christmas carols, buying presents, and getting too drunk to even think about our favorite shows. So they just play reruns. But they couldn’t have been more wrong, and that’s why I’m extra excited about Greek’s winter premiere tonight. Finally some good TV! And not only any show, but Greek, a show about college!

Granted, I doubt it’s an accurate portrayal of Greek life, but hey, it’s a start.

Or rather, it’s an end, because you see, this will be Greek’s final season. And I’m particularly sentimental about the ending of this show because just like the seniors of CRU are graduating and moving on with their lives, so am I. (Or at least I hope so.)  This show started the summer before my freshman year, and now, four years later, it’s ending, right when I’m about to graduate, so you’ll excuse me if I seem a bit too emotionally invested in these characters, but we’ve been journeying together for quite some time now.

Before we get into the details, let’s get the basics straight. This show centers around Greek life at a fictional college, Cyprus-Rhodes, focusing on one sorority, Zeta Beta Zeta, and two fraternities, Kappa-Tau, and Omega-Chi. Oh, and the two fraternities hate each other. (Most of the time.)

Ashleigh is the president of Zeta Beta Zeta, and her best friend and roommate, Casey is also a member of ZBZ. They’re seniors. Rebecca, a frenemey, is a sophomore at ZBZ. She’s dating Evan, a senior, and the president of Omega Chi. Evan used to date Casey, but not before she dated his former friend, Cappie, president of Kappa Tau and Casey’s on and off again boyfriend. This past season they’ve been decidedly on. Also a member of Kappa Tau is Casey’s little brother and Cappie’s “little brother,” Rusty. He’s a bit of a nerd, who tries to balance his Greek life with his heavy course load. His religious, anti-fraternity BFF Dale helps keep him in check, as does Calvin, Rusty’s other BFF, a member of Omega Chi.

You confused yet?

Good. Let’s get down to the details. When we last left off, CRU’s favorite Greek guys and girls were on Spring Break attempting to figure out their future, and realizing that eventually, they were all going to grow up.

Except for Cappie, that is.

The proverbial Peter Pan, Cappie isn’t ready to grow up and leave college just yet (and hey, who could blame him). But Casey is; she has plans. You see, Casey wants to go to law school, but she was hoping to get into CRU law so she and Cappie could stay together She doesn’t. She does, however, get into George Washington Law, far away from CRU, and from Cappie.  After lots and lots of agonizing, and a heart to heart with her bestie, Casey realizes that she can’t give up on her dreams to stay with Cappie. She has to go to George Washington Law.

But when she tells Cappie that she’ll be leaving after graduation and that she doesn’t want to do the long distance thing, Cappie breaks up with her right then and there. If they’re going to break up, he explains, why wait. They should just get it over with.  Casey’s heart shatters (as does mine) and Cappie walks away.

It’s sad, but don’t worry, some happy stuff happens before that.

Evan and Rebecca get back together. The two were dating earlier on in the season, but broke up just as quickly just as things were starting to get serious. Fearing that a committed relationship might actually leave her vulnerable, Rebecca reacted the only way she knew how, by sleeping with another guy. When she gets caught, the two break up, and Rebecca is forced to deal with her intimacy issues. But after Rebecca asks for his forgiveness Evan gets over his pride and the two get back together, sealing the deal with a perfect kiss.

Rebecca didn’t head to Myrtle Beach looking for a guy, but she found one anyway.  Of course, Ashleigh was looking for a guy, but instead she got something much better: a job offer. The closer Ashleigh got to graduation, the more she realized she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. But after an inspirational speech (that would only work on TV) Ashleigh lands an internship in New York with trend forecaster Faith Flowers.

While Ashleigh is moving past college, Dale is only just embracing it, joining Calvin, Rusty, and Rusty’s new (non-sorority associated) girlfriend on Spring Break because he wants to enjoy himself and his college life. After all, he only has two years left. So Dale’s a little lost, but for once, Rusty isn’t. He’s happy with his girlfriend, his fraternity, and his place in the Honors Engineering program. Calvin too is pretty happy, despite his recent breakup with his just out of the closet fraternity brother, Grant.  And that’s because he, Rusty, and the rest of the Kappa Tau brothers aligned to ensure he is voted the next president of Omega Chi, setting us all up for interesting final season.

Still confused? Check out this super helpful cram session.

What do you think, ladies? Will Cappie and Casey get back together? Will Rebecca and Evan stay together? And what about the rest of the Greek characters? Will Omega Chi and Kappu Tau continue to duke it out or will Calvin’s new position as president lead to a truce?

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