8 Under $20: Workout Clothes [GALLERY]

Happy 2011, everyone! It’s a new year, so why not start it off right by getting into shape? I know I’d like to slim down after overindulging on food and drinks during the holidays! It’s not going to be easy, though. For me, the hardest part of working out, especially when I haven’t been at it in a while, is getting motivated. The exercise part isn’t so bad once I’m doing it, because I just visualize my goals (or watch Kardashian marathons…), but I have the hardest time just getting up and going.
In order to motivate myself to work out, I’ve decided to buy myself some cute new workout clothes. The idea is that I’ll feel obligated to use the clothes since I spent money on them, and I’ll also want to show off how cute I look in my new workout gear. Lucky for me (and those of you who think this is such a great idea you have to do it, too) some of my favorite cheap clothing stores have started carrying workout clothes, so there are lots of affordable options — like all these for just $20 or less!

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